Road Accident in Rajasthan Statistics and fact

Rajasthan ranked fifth in the country in the number of deaths due to road accidents in year 2015. A report released by the ministry of road transport and highways on Thursday revealed that Rajasthan had a share of 4.8% in total accidents in the country, in which 10,510 people lost their lives.

On an average 28 people died, while 71 people were injured every day in 2015. Total accidents registered were 556 less than those in 2014 but the total number of deaths increased by 221. Among the total injured, nearly 6,069 were grievously injured while little over 20,084 had minor injuries. The government, however, is patting its back, claiming that it has been able to bring down the total number of accidents.

National highways remained more accident-prone compared to state highways. Total accidents on NHs were 6,821, in which 7,526 people were injured and 3,709 people were killed. Death figures were the fifth highest in the country. In 2014, accidents recorded were 6,991, injuring 7,980 and killing 3,598 people. On state highways a total number of accidents were 3,683, in which 1,908 people were killed, making it the seventh highest in India.

As per the records, rural areas proved more accident-prone with a total of 6,643 fatal accidents while roads in urban areas had 2,663 fatal accidents. Among all fatalities, hit and run figured as the prime reason. A total of 5,006 cases were reported in 2015 in which 2,284 people died and 2,755 were injured.

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