Road Safety Challenges

Road Safety Challenges are designed to engage citizens, influencers and various communities to bring awareness about Road Safety topics and campaigns.

We bring exciting and innovative challenges every 2 months for everyone to participate and to bring a positive social change in the society, earn lots of rewards and opportunity for citizens to become an influencers.

Why Challenges?

Nearly 1.5 lakh people, almost the entire population of a town like Shimla, died in road crashes in India. This is the highest number of road accident related deaths that India has ever recorded. These statistics also represent a 53.9% increase over the last decade, and nearly a tenfold increase since 1970.

According to the data, people riding two-wheelers including bicycles, and pedestrians are the most vulnerable to road accidents. Last year alone, over 60,000 people were killed in accidents involving two-wheelers and pedestrians

Cars are getting faster and safer, but car drivers and passengers are not taking advantage of the safety features on offer.

You can change it…

Go out on road, and find five traffic violators who are comprising one of these or all :

Not Wearing Helmet
Not Wearing Seat Belt
Using Phone While Driving
Reach them out, smoothly counsel them & tell them about the challenge that you are taking and your introduction ad one hailing from ROAD SAFETY ARMY.
Show the violator the celebrity message on ROAD SAFETY ARMY and make him wear the ‘Yam hai Ham’ cap and also tie him up ‘Be aware’ road safety band.
Yam here, is symbolic of death Demi God, and also suits the witty preposition of the challenge.
Shoot the entire video/picture and upload it on Respective Instagram, Twitter & YouTube account.
  • Become an influencer for the social change
  • Earn certificates and exciting rewards from the Government
  • Challenge your friends and create great memories